What We Do

In today’s world, people want to feel connected to just about everything they do, and theatre audiences are no exception. Oftentimes, just going to a show isn’t enough for audiences anymore. They want a connection, a little something extra, and that’s where Row L Seat 1 comes in!

Our first goal at Row L Seat 1 is to develop unique, original musicals that appeal to today’s audiences. But we take the process of creating original musicals one step further. In addition to creating original musicals, we also create ways for audiences to connect with them, making the musical experience much more personal.

If you’re a writer, composer, lyricist, or part of a musical theatre writing team and you’re interested in collaborating with us to create or develop an original musical, please visit our page about Making Musicals.

If you’re a producer, director, or other member of a production team and you’re interested in learning how you can connect your audience to your musical, please visit our Audience Engagement page.